Purview Bulk Collection Mover

Piethein Strengholt
2 min readApr 20, 2023

Microsoft Purview is unified data governance service that enables organization to manage their data at scale. It has features like Glossaries, Lineage, Data Access Management, Business Metamodel and so on.

For managing technical metadata, such as source system information, Purview uses Collections: structures used to manage metadata within a hierarchy or boundary. A collection is also used for security, allowing users to access or manage metadata.

Screenshot showing collection structure

The difficulty with Collections is that not all services register their metadata using collections. Azure Data Factory and PowerBI, for example, ingests all of their metadata at root. Similar issues you might encounter when scanning shared or combined data lake services. If you have multiple teams sharing the same underlying services, then, you might encounter that metadata lands in a single collection. This makes the management of that metadata more difficult. Another challenge is that it isn’t easy to gradually promote metadata because all metadata is either “public” or “private”.

To overcome these issues, I have developed a small web application that allows you to quickly move metadata across collections. It’s very straightforward. You select a collection, search, filter, check, define the target collection, and you’re done. Check the screenshot to see it in action.

With this tiny application you can overcome the issues like already mentioned. For example, you could scan all PowerBI reports and then distribute reports over different collection hierarchies. Or, for example, first curate metadata and then promote it via a public collection.

On the application itself: It has been written in JavaScript. Vue.js 3 for the frontend and Express for the backend. It uses Bootstrap for making the design responsive. The code and installation instructions can be found here: https://github.com/pietheinstrengholt/Purview-Bulk-Collection-Mover.



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