How to deploy Laravel with Docker on Kubernetes

Build and run the docker image from the project folder

git clone
docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d

Build the image and push to Docker Hub

docker build . -f ./deploy/dockerfile -t laravel-on-k8s:v1
docker login
docker tag laravel-on-k8s:v1
docker push

Deploy the project using Kubernetes (Minikube)

minikube start
kubectl apply -f deploy/app/secret.yml
kubectl apply -f deploy/app/deploy.yml
kubectl apply -f deploy/app/service.yml
minikube dashboard!/overview?namespace=default
kubectl get service
hello-minikube | NodePort | | <none> | 8080:30271/TCP | 2d
kubernetes | ClusterIP | | <none> | 443/TCP | 2d
laravel-project | NodePort | | <none> | 80:32469/TCP | 10m
nginx-http | ClusterIP | | <none> | 80/TCP | 20h
curl $(minikube service laravel-project — url)
kubectl get events




Hands-on data management professional. Working @Microsoft.

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Piethein Strengholt

Piethein Strengholt

Hands-on data management professional. Working @Microsoft.

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